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Pakistan Has Better Buses Than Canada

There is a character from the ubiquitous television show, The Simpsons, named Dr. Nick, a la, “I’ve got an leg from an arm, and an arm for a leg.” Dr. Nick says a lot of racially inflammatory, albeit hilarious things. In his voice you’ll often hear people say things like, “In Russia, bus drives yooou.” We […]

Pakistan is Beautiful, I’ll Come Back Soon

Last month if you’d told me that Pakistan looked like Arizona, I’d tell you to go fly a kite, which in some parts of Pakistan is now illegal. Pakistan is a paradox, it is one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit, but you don’t hear about that on the news. It is […]

What I Learned About Beauty at #SparkSessions

I had my mind blown and I think I understand makeup now.  When you spend the weekend embedded with Toronto’s fashion and beauty blogger community you’re going to learn a lot. I just helped out at the inaugural SPARK Sessions, a fashion and beauty blogger conference and it was great. It was the first of its […]

#SparkSessions: Fashion & Beauty Blogger Conference

I’m spending the day with about 100 women who are talking about fashion this weekend. I’m just really happy I hem my pants! Anum’s blog, SummerxSkin, has had one of its first brand activations, the event #SparkSessions,Canada’s first Fashion & Beauty Blogger Conference held in Toronto. She and her compatriots, Marissa Anwar(@Chicdarling), Anjali Handa (@Anjali_Handa), Nicole Wilson (@DaintyGirl_TO), Jenny Jovanovic (@CrazyStyleLove), Melissa […]

Brunch @ The Country General

The County General is the Southern, free-spirited sister of Splendido. Everyday of the week, the restaurant offers libations and good eats… including Mondays. To most, the first day is typically perceived as the black sheep and the least favourite child in the working-weekday family. However, at The County General (936 Queen Street West, Toronto), they’ve showered […]

High Energy and Diversity on TROVE’s Debut Album

TROVE’s self-titled debut marks the beginning of something big for the Canadian four-piece rock band. They have gained a bit of a following over the past year, playing open mics and cover gigs, and also opening for big name acts like Anvil, Stryper, Nektar and Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash. After much anticipation TROVE’s debut album was released this past […]

Nivea Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Dry or Sensitive Skin

My skin is a bit wonky because in the summer time it’s very oily and acne-prone but in the winter it’s terribly dry, sensitive and itchy. When the cooler temperatures started creeping in a few weeks ago, I noticed an instant change in my skin. Within days my face was dry and I was developing […]

Weekend Getaway to Viamede Resort (Part 2)

Here it is! I have already talked about the amazing food options available at Viamede Resort, but didn’t go into detail about the actual place or how much I enjoyed my weekend getaway. As a full-time working professional in one of the busiest cities in the world, I sometimes forget to relax. It happens to the most of […]

Cha: Personalized Tea Subscription Boxes (& giveaway)

There may not be many people who can say that they prefer tea over coffee, but I absolutely LOVE tea. It’s a habit I picked up from my mom at a very young age. Seeing her drink at least 3-4 cups a day always made me want some too, and now I probably make tea […]

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe for Thanksgiving

Everyone has a dinner tradition and for my family, it is sweet potato pie on Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s one of the most easiest yet delightful things to make and eat, so I thought I’d share my recipe with you. If you’re looking to help out in the kitchen this weekend for Thanksgiving dinner, I highly suggest […]