Congson Inspires Career-Oriented Women at Toronto Event


Women in the Now’s event was held in the intimate space of Wish Cafe. It was an opportunity to listen to successful women and hear their words of wisdom.

On this occasion, we heard Karla Congson (Executive Strategy Director, Managing Director at Twist Image) speak to us about  her Top 10 Career Lessons. With much elegance, she graced us with her words of wisdom and inspiration. Her charming candor is what captivated the female audience who came out to listen to her advice and guidance on how to succeed in attaining one’s desired career and cultivating fulfilment from it.

PBJMag-WomenintheNow-03Her heartfelt talk was laced with lessons she learned while climbing up the career ranks. From paying your dues, working for your passion and not a cheque, taking risks, making meaningful connections, defining success on your own terms, never settling, and my two favourites– live a life of wonder, and do good/be kind to others–each item she listed was supported by a personal anecdote as well as lessons she learned from setbacks, mistakes, or obstacles she encountered along the way. One thing was made clear to us: the path to success is never straightforward; it is ever-winding and rather than stress about the unknown, it is best to be receptive to all the detours and take them as opportunities for growth and learning.

A final take home message Congson gave was a call to action for us women in the audience to stick to our convictions and voice our opinions. The courage it takes to exhibit these qualities will not go unnoticed by employers. The ones who appreciate it will offer you greater responsibilities and room for professional growth. In order to do this, it is important to ‘know thy self’ in order to forge one’s own path and destiny. Life will become more clear and each of us will be happier to wake up in the morning with a fire in our bellies when we are certain of our place in society. Knowing one’s purpose in life is the fuel that ignites a spark within us; it is the makings of a long-lasting career filled with satisfaction and rewards.

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