Mini Getaway to Viamede Resort

I spent the weekend at Viamede Resort about two hours outside of Toronto; the food alone was worth the trip.

Viamede Resort in Stoney Lake Ontario

If food doesn’t excite you, consider being able to take your dog for a walk while he chases frogs during sunrise, or knowing that your cottage has a wood stove (with limitless wood) and delicious food just minutes away.

When you’re out in the woods, what you’re eating is all about what you brought and had time to prepare. I had the chance to experience cottage comfort at a woodland resort located on Stoney Lake in Kawartha, Ontario. All I had to bring was a jacket and smile on my face.

At Viamede Resort, you aren’t just given the comfort of the city lakeside, but locavorian delights of farm food grown on-site.



A continental buffet at 1885 for all guests including pancakes, eggs, toast, yogurt, home fries, pastries and breakfast meats. My favourite part was the delightfully fluffy pancakes and 100 per cent maple syrup.



The Boathouse Pub is a feel-good restaurant that overlooks the lake, anglers trying to collect their catch. I can only think of how many of them fail to catch the big one.


Fortunately for them, they can come to The Boathouse Pub and order fish and chips, adequately named The Lunker, and be served a portion large enough to feed a family of four. Regardless, by eating here any angler can thereby argue that indeed, they caught a big one.


PBJMag-ViamedeResort-05Forget room service, just get the restaurant to give you the meat and potatoes and leave the cooking to your own devices! That’s what Viamede Resort actually lets you go. While you’re driving up to your stay, give them a call and ask them to prepare a BBQ Basket and it’ll be waiting for you when you arrive, ready to cook on the grill. This is definitely the heavens call for foodies, especially if you’re like me and really enjoy cooking.

In order to order a BBQ Basket, you must choose the items you want them to bring from a menu at least three hours in advance. Once the basket is ready, you can pick it up at the main lobby. We ordered, steak, potatoes, corn, coleslaw and ice cream for dessert!


I definitely recommend going up to Viamede Resort for a weekend, even if it’s just to try the food! Stay tuned for a full recap and more photos of the min-vacation.

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