High Energy and Diversity on TROVE’s Debut Album

TROVE’s self-titled debut marks the beginning of something big for the Canadian four-piece rock band. They have gained a bit of a following over the past year, playing open mics and cover gigs, and also opening for big name acts like Anvil, Stryper, Nektar and Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash. After much anticipation TROVE’s debut album was released this past summer and it was worth the wait.


The lead single, “Ambition,” outlines TROVE’s plan for success, and it doesn’t sound like they’re going anywhere until they succeed. The opening tracks, along with, “Ignite,” are high energy, and a great way to start of the album. They’re anthems, letting their audience know they aren’t about to back down.

A definite stand out is “All I’ve Ever Known,” whose melody is infectious and will be stuck in your head for days.  Another standout  is “Run Away With Me,” as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Aryn Powell, begs “ Hold on girl/ get ready to run/ forget about tomorrow/ run away with me tonight.”

Trove-DebutAlbum-PBJMag-02For a debut album, it is diverse from song to song, including the instrumental track, “Aontacht,” which translates to unity in Gaelic. It includes a guest performance by Crystal Lee who rocks the viola over the drums and guitars. The strings don’t’ get lost in the rock sound; it accompanies it well creating one of the most unique tracks on the album.

With 10 tracks in total, the album was self-produced by Powell and was mastered by Rueben Ghose who has worked with bands like Tokyo Police Club and Death Cab for Cutie.

The only thing lacking is Powell’s vocals, at times they seem mundane with him staying in his comfort zone, it would be great to see some more vocal range. The album has a 90s rock feel, with high-energy instrumental arrangements from Matt “Chewy” Chaitram (lead guitar), Alexa Pavao (bass guitar), and Matt Bellissimo (drums).

TROVE’s debut album is a great start to their career. Their songs are diverse, fast-paced, and will be on repeat on your iPod. There is room to grow, and there are only better things to come from this Canadian four-piece rock band.

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