Nivea Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Dry or Sensitive Skin

My skin is a bit wonky because in the summer time it’s very oily and acne-prone but in the winter it’s terribly dry, sensitive and itchy. When the cooler temperatures started creeping in a few weeks ago, I noticed an instant change in my skin. Within days my face was dry and I was developing […]

Weekend Getaway to Viamede Resort (Part 2)

Here it is! I have already talked about the amazing food options available at Viamede Resort, but didn’t go into detail about the actual place or how much I enjoyed my weekend getaway. As a full-time working professional in one of the busiest cities in the world, I sometimes forget to relax. It happens to the most of […]

Mini Getaway to Viamede Resort

I spent the weekend at Viamede Resort about two hours outside of Toronto; the food alone was worth the trip. If food doesn’t excite you, consider being able to take your dog for a walk while he chases frogs during sunrise, or knowing that your cottage has a wood stove (with limitless wood) and delicious food just […]

Top designers to see at Toronto Fashion Week

Now that TIFF is officially over, Toronto can start getting excited about World MasterCard Fashion Week, which is happening from October 22-26, 2012 at David Pecaut Square on King Street West (The Tents). The tentative schedule for Spring 2013 collections has just been announced, and if you’ve never been before, here are a few designers you should look […]