High Energy and Diversity on TROVE’s Debut Album

TROVE’s self-titled debut marks the beginning of something big for the Canadian four-piece rock band. They have gained a bit of a following over the past year, playing open mics and cover gigs, and also opening for big name acts like Anvil, Stryper, Nektar and Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash. After much anticipation TROVE’s debut album was released this past […]

The Dirties Offers a Clear View of Bullying

The Dirties is a realistic story of the lead up to a school shooting by two friends who have been bullied by a group they call “The Dirties.” It looks at the subtlety of bullying today and it is this subtlety that draws the audience in and makes them a witness of bullying. “The audience is put into […]

Review: Boston Pizza’s Pizzaburger

In April of this year Boston Pizza introduced a new menu item: the Pizzaburger. According to the original press release, it was an attempt to “pizza-fy” their menu, making their burgers and sandwiches bun-less. Thus, the Pizzaburger was born. It is a half-pound prime rib burger, with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and bacon wrapped in their hand-pressed pizza dough. […]